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tumblr just told me to follow this person

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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i have took-nightly-handful-of-pills-withouth-water-heartburn and now i’m crankier and colder than usual 



Border Leicester breed.

How come no one told me that these bunnysheep existed?!



like you me and no one

you don’t hang out on the 20-something-girls-who-think-they’re-post-menupausal-women side of tumblr

um the good wife……………..

but people are watching that

one of the main things i don’t understand about fandom (and didn’t understand even was i was in fandom) is the tendency of white girls in fandom to “woobie-fy” teen-to-twenty-to-thirty-something year old white males in media? like, especially white males who are not exactly pathetic in any way. like, and it’s pretty much universal, from draco malfoy to the supernatural dipshits to (now) will graham. and like, first of all, okay fine this might be a personal thing, because imho, it is the least sexually attractive quality i can think of (the desire to “mother” and give matzo ball soup and make them go on bedrest or whatever because ew backwards oedipal complex much) besides men with ponytails/long hair.

but also, these are pretty much exclusively characters who are not fucking woobies and the word woobie is like not even a fucking word and gives me “moist” hives and stop pretending that white male characters are pathetic and needy when they’re really not outside of them just being white males who are pathetic no matter what they do. 

i mean i saw a few people today going “awwwww poor little baby” nOT IRONICALLY to jessie pinkman

stop doing that. 

between the americans and masters of sex literally no one is watching the best tv that’s on tv and that makes me fucking insane

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