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Is there a good way to tell people “please stop expecting so much of me I was literally too lazy to put on a bra from November to March”

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can crazy (good) shit I don’t deserve and am not prepared for stop happening to me?!?


Steal Her Look: Alexis Neiers

Dolce & Gabbana Tweed Mini Skirt: $725

Miu Miu Cashmere and Silk-blend Pink Sweater: $610

Little Brown Bebe Shoes:

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5x05 vs. 6x02

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steal her look: spooky pumpkin:

  • gucci women’s black stretch suede legging $1850
  • saint laurent classic turtleneck sweater in black cashmere with black suede elbow patches $1490
  • pumpkin $3

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Steal His Look: Shrek

Lagar Conne Row Ismenia top ($1,390)
Isabel Marant Atkins vest ($4,200)
Basil Rib wool blend tights ($50)
Marsell Suade lug boots ($1,090)
Ralph Lauren crocodile belt ($1,950)

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